NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable – Full Timetable and Calendar check here

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NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable – FullTimetable and Calendar check here

NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable now available online – NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable check here check here NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable

NYSC Batch B 2018

The NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable has been long awaited by those who registered for the 2018 NYSC can now proceed to check the  2018 nysc calendar and know when they will  be going for NYSC camp as well as also know the exact date to print the 2018 NYSC call up letter.

NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable

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It is very important that all perspective corps members who are to be mobilized for the nysc batch b 2018 should know the exact date and the exact time for mobilization as well as when to print their call up letter.

Though it has taken so much time for the release of nysc 2018/2019  NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable, however, in tis post, you will see the step by step guide on how to check the 2018 nysc calendar

Many prospective corps members who took part in the 2018 Batch B registration are still visiting the portal everyday to know the exact day and have the right timetable for their mobilization.

The nysc portal 2018 is usually visited often by numerous applicants across the states and most especially with a main reason to check the nysc stream 2 time table .

This post is clearly about NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable and how to access the 2018/2019 mobilization timetable for all prospective corps members who actually will be going for service this year under NYSC batch B.

Following the nysc batches and months for 2018, we have written a comprehensive timetable which will serve as a guide for all nysc batch b 2018/2019 whether the nysc batch a stream 2 2018 there is need to provide the correct nysc timetable for all prospective corps members.

NYSC 2018 and NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable

The important of the 2018/2019 NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable can never be overemphasized. The calendar serves as a guide to know when you are to depart for camp, when you are also to leave the camp as well as when you are expected to print your call up letter.

The nysc 2018 batch a had its own calendar which serves as a guide for all the corps members who are currently serving in various places of their deployment.  

The nysc batch a 2018 time table was released early even before the batch A applicants started printing out their call up letters.

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The calendar also showed comprehensive and succinct dates for all Batch A Applicants who took part in nysc registration 2018 for batch A.

In a bid to still inform applicants, we saw the need to write and update all prospective corps members about the nysc batch b 2018 timetable.

The NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable is for all prospective corps members who are among the  nysc batch B 2018 and had participated in the nysc batch b 2018 registration which had closed last week.

It is of important to note that there are different groups where you can find vital information about NYSC which can also be a means of getting vital information about the NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable groups like nysc batch b 2018 nairaland will help you.

A lot of perspective corps members are looking for nysc batch b 2018 date to know the right date and time to know the schedule for different activities.

It is not just seeing your name on nysc 2018/2019 senate list you have to follow the NYSC schedule up by checking consistently the NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable for those among the nysc 2018/2019 batch b.

It is our aim to feed with vital information and bring you nysc 2018 2019 latest updates for all even those among the next batch of nysc 2018 can participate and get vital information on our blog even without visiting the nysc portal 2018.

2018 Portal nysc

 nysc dashboard portal only helps you to complete the necessary registration via their dashboard portal. There are two side to nysc portal 2018.

The main portal where you can receive news and information and the login portal where you can login to access your dashboard. Both portal are still functional for NYSC and with this you can have a successful registration and mobilization

The other portal contains information on mobilization and nysc portal senate list and candidates can visit it often to know and receive latest nysc updates.

You can have access to your dashboard through a direct nysc portal login 2018 and you can find nysc stream 2 time table 2018 in this post that we have published on nysc 2018 time table.

Please don’t mistake the real Nysc Portal to NYSC Job portal, there are two different portals etirely for NYSC Corps members.

nysc batch b 2018 timetable has everything needed when it comes to the time when prospective corps members should be mobilized and when they should print out call up letter  and when the should know how to print their call up letter.

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It is obvious and important to note that according to the NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable, the Batch B prospective corps members may be going for camp first week of august.

NYSC Batches and Months 2018 and NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable

Below is the official nysc batch b 2018 2019 timetable which has been written in columns and their respective dates and activities that follows suites. Please find it below :

May 2018 NYSC Batch B camp Orientation
June 2018 Batch B pre mobilization workshop and sensitization
June 2018 Publishing of List of All NYSC Institution for cross checking
July 10th – July 16th Online Registration for all both foreign and locally trained graduates
July 19th Commencement of deployment


Batch B orientation commences on 24th July

The exact Calendar for nysc batch b 2019 has not really been made available but it is the hope of everyone that since the nysc batch b 2018/2019 registration had started at least prospective core members should be informed on when is nysc batch B stream 2 going to camp and be conscious of this.

They are a lot of persons asking questions like when is nysc stream 2 going to camp? And in a bid to answer this we will make available updates for you about the NYSC Batch B 2018 Timetable.

Do you have any question or contribution about this post? Or do you want us to give you more updates about the activities of NYSC for Batch B 2018? Please drop a comment with it on our mail and we will update you regularly.

Thanks for reading to the end, we appreciate your view and we anticipate it. Subsequently, if you require us to bolster you with more refreshed information at the ideal time about nysc batch b time table
2018, cordially provide us your telephone number and Email Address in the comment box beneath.

Please share this post to everyone and other prospective corps members for NYSC batch B 2018.

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