Neco 2018/2019 Syllabus PDF With Topics For All Subjects check here

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Neco 2018/2019 Syllabus PDF With Topics For All Subjects check here

NECO SYLLABUS: How do I get Neco syllabus for 2018 and what are the topics I should read to pass NECO once and for all? This is the question so many Neco 2018/2019 candidates have been asking me.

The truth of the matter is that NECO does not prepare candidates for its examination by establishing secondary schools or tutorial centers, and no such institution are affiliated to the Council.

The Good News: NECO uses the Nigerian Secondary school syllabus to set the questions for their examination. Just like Neco, the West African Examination Council (Waec) set questions from secondary school syllabus.

This implies that you are permitted to prepare for Neco by using Waec syllabus. This again answers the question as to whether it’s possible to use WAEC SYLLABUS to READ for NECO.

2018 Neco Syllabus And Important Topics To Read

So far, we have been able establish the fact that Waec syllabus is excellent for you to prepare for your Neco 2018. Below are top notch waec and Gce syllabus for all Subjects. Trust me, following the syllabus below will make you blast NECO drammatically:

  1. Agric science
  2. Physics
  3. Mathematics
  4. English
  5. Inter Science
  6. Insurance
  7. Government
  8. Further maths
  9. Home management
  10. Chemistry
  11. Accounting
  12. Economics
  13. Computer
  14. CRS
  15. Information And Communication Technology (ICT)
  16. Syllabus for Islamic Studies
  17. Wood Work Syllabus
  18. Shorthand Syllabus
  19. Syllabus for Metal Work
  20. syllabus for French
  21. syllabus for civic education
  22. Book keeping syllabus
  23. syllabus Yoruba
  24. Physics syllabus
  25. Music syllabus
  26. syllabus for Marketing
  27. Integrated Science gce syllabus
  28. syllabus for Insurance
  29. Government syllabus
  30. syllabus for Ghanaian Language
  31. Gce syllabus Financial Accounting
  32. Edo Language syllabus
  33. Economics syllabus
  34. syllabus for computer science
  35. Commerce syllabus
  36. CRS syllabus
  37. Business management syllabus
  38. Biology syllabus
  39. Auto Electric syllabus
  40. syllabus for further mathematics

If you have asked any of the questions below, then the syllabus above are what you need right now. Take them very serious and your success is sure in National Examination Council; Neco Nigeria.

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  25. syllabus for Marketing
  26. Integrated Science gce syllabus
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  28. Neco Government syllabus
  29. syllabus for Ghanaian Language
  30. Gce syllabus Financial Accounting
  31. Edo Language syllabus
  32. Economics Neco syllabus
  33. syllabus for computer science
  34. Commerce syllabus
  35. CRS syllabus for myneco exams
  36. Business management syllabus
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  38. Auto Electric syllabus for Neco
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I wish you as many As as possible in your Neco 2018.

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