Federal Fire Service Past Questions And Answers – FFS Past Question and Answers PDF

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Federal Fire Service Past Questions And Answers – FFS Past Question and Answers download full PDF

In this post, we will show you how to get the Fire service interview questions and answers without stress on your part and study it quickly to have the Federal Fire service Job offer and be among the shortlisted candidates for the examination.

Federal Fire Service Past Questions And Answers

Over the years, a lot we have been selling recruitment interview questions and answers and a lot of persons who asked for Federal Fire service past question can now get it from our site.

The Federal Fire service questions and answers which is in Federal Fire Service Past Questions was sourced directly from the board in charge of interview of the Federal Fire service and for you to have access to the Federal Fire service question and answer, you need to pay for it because we made payment for it too.

This book is a collection of past test questions and supplied answers for the Federal Fire Service. It is meant for individuals sitting for the recruitment examination into various positions of the Fire Service. It is recent and updated as it comprises of all the questions asked (and likely ones) so far in the fire service exams.

i. English languageii. Mathematicsiii. Current Affairsiv.  General Knowledge on fire and fire preventive measures


1. Which of these is not a road classification in Nigeria

A. Trunk A

B. Trunk B

C. Trunk C

D. Trunk D

2.The acronym for the equipment worn by an individual to prevent risk to health and safety is

(a) PHE

(b) PPE

(c) PPMC

(d) PSE

3. Safety helmets are worn to protect against

(a) extremes of temperatures

(b) falling objects

(c) impacts with fixed objects

(d) a,b & c

4. The color Blue in safety means

(a) Prohibited action

(b) Mandatory action

(c) Safe action

(d) Warning notice

5. The color Green in safety can be used in

(a) escape routes

(b) emergency showers

(c) low passages

(d) emergency stops

6. The chemistry of fire include

(a) heat

(b) oxygen

(c) combustible materials

(d) a&b

7. .is not a class of fire

(a) B

(b) F

(c) E

(d) A

8. Freely burning  fires fuelled by wood can be extinguished by

(a) application of water

(b) application of foam

(c) application of C02 extinguisher

(d) c & d

9.  Water is most effective and most commonly used for which of the following type of fire

A. Class A-ordinary combustibles

B. Class B-flammable and combustible liquids

C. Class C-electrical

D. Class D-combustible metals

10. The first principle of good storage practice for chemicals is:

A. limiting quantity

B. segregation

C. containment

D. concentration

Download Federal Fire service past question and answers

There are steps to follow to download the updated Federal Fire Service Past Questions and answers and we will show you the steps to follow in this post. Before you start asking for Federal Fire service salary, you need to get the full past questions and answers for studies.

As seen in the 2017 recruitment exercise, the Nigeria current affairs questions and answers 2017 pdf was an important part in the 2017 Federal Fire Service Past Questions asked in the recruitment interview conducted in 2016.

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We sourced from an insider that there is a high possibility of repeating the 2017 questions asked on the Nigeria current affairs questions and answers 2017 and so if you don’t have the past questions and answers, you need to get it now to accommodate and have the knowledge of the Federal Fire Service Past Questions.

You need to know the various Fire service and fire control protection interview questions asked in the past and how to answer this questions without any mistake and correctly, hence the need to get the Federal Fire Service Past Questions.

Questions which will be included in the Federal Fire Service Past Questions will be fire control structured interview questions in addition to other simple current affairs questions and answers.

How to Download Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Answers

It will cost you 2,000.00 to download the updated Federal Fire Service Past Questions and the past question contains three basic subject combination which you will purchase.

For example, you are buying the Federal Fire Service Past Questions and answers you will be given:


General Knowledge

English language

These subjects will be the subjects to be written in the recruitment examination and there are fixed. The material is available on a pdf format that is soft copy and we will be sending it to your email address after making your payment to the account details below:

Acct No: 0080253605

Acct Name: Ekijah Saturday Jonah

Bank Name: Diamond Bank

After making your payment, send the following details to our agent on 08145312182

The details will contain; Depositors Name/Name of the Account, email address and the name of the past question.

You can call our agent on 08145312182 before or after payment to be sure.

Our Federal Fire service past questions and answers also contain some basic questions which show you the cbp structured interview 2017 for you to know the nature and structure of the interview questions.

n preparing for the Federal Fire service interview examination, please look out for

Federal Fire service ranks this is the important point in Federal Fire Service Past Questions and it is very important that you know everything in details such as types of Fire service company in Nigeria.

Ask questions on how many Fire service companies are in Nigeria and provide answers to them make sure that the total number of Fire service in Nigeria are correct and I do recommend that you asked from more than one firefighter to confirm this.

There are various classification of Fire service and before you even study the Federal Fire Service Past Questions, it is expedient that you know the various classification of Fire service in Nigeria.

According to the Federal Fire service latest news, those who applied for the recruitment service will be contacted soon and from there will the obtained an Federal Fire service online payslip.

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If you are successful with the  Federal Fire service recruitment through the study of our Federal Fire Service Past Questions and answers, then the good news for you is that you will soon be promoted and dully shortlisted for Federal Fire service promotion.


Federal Fire Service Past Questions and Fire service Interview Tips

The interview tips written here will go a long way to help you prepared effectively for the Federal Fire service interview questions and we have written the Interview tips to help you know the nature of the questions. This is important especially the cbp structured interview tips.

Aside from the questions asked at Fire service, the following Fire service interview tips below will help you in a long run to emerge successfully in any interview.

Here are the Federal Fire service interview tips that will help you.

  1. Have a resounding personality

Your personality is what will help you to rapport with the interviewer. And carve a niche for yourself among other interviewers.

Truth be:

Relating with the interview friendly will make things to be memorable for you and it will go a long way to build personal confidence in yourself.

  1. Maintain a great vibe

Though it is a Fire service interview and sometimes a bonny face is usually the order of the day. That is to say – no smiling face. When answering some questions, you should try and maintain or possess a smiling face which with the interview.

When you are with the interview, maintain a great sense of positivity and be short when giving answers to the questions asked.

  1. Maintain a great sociability.

Every day, companies now are recruiting those with sociable and  cultural character and not really the level of academic qualification. When you are with the interviewer, maintain a good sociable character and present yourself as a persons who is already working with the Federal Fire service and that is why there is need to have a great knowledge about your work.

  1. Appearance/Body Language.
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The way you appear before the recruiter/interviewer really matter. As someone who is applying for the Federal Fire service Jobs, it does not means that you should dress like an army man or a Fire service officer, Make sure that you dress smart and neat avoid the use of bangles, necklace etc.

Your body language also matters during the interview and so you should make sure that you observed some unconscious move such as crossing your legs or stretching your arms.

  1. Research on Federal Fire service and their interview

One assignment that you should give yourself is to start now to research on the interview questions and one way of doing this by studying the past questions and answers.

The Federal Fire Service Past Questions will also give you some detailed exposition on Fire service recruitment. You have to study the interview questions hard for the interview.

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The above tips will really work especially when questions are asked on cbp structured interview forum.

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